Conception, Fertility and Birthing


How Hypnotherapy can help

Kimberley O’Neill’s main focus areas are Fertility and Conception, of which she has developed a personalized programme that is tailored to the individual and their specific issues.

This programme works alongside Natural Conception and Assisted Conception such as IVF and IUI and ICSI.

The success of the programme lies in looking at the whole person. The healthier and more vital you and your partner are all-round – physically, nutritionally, emotionally and psychologically – before your cycle and during it, the better your chances will be.

Stress & anxiety can be a major contributing factor in ‘unexplained infertility’ in couples as the body can interpret the stress as an unhealthy environment in which to produce a child, Hypnosis helps to manage and reduce the stresses in our life as well as the stress of trying to conceive.

Hypnosis can assist you in coping effectively with the sometimes painful and invasive assisted conception treatments.

To help you improve your mind set and beliefs around conception.

The Hypothalamus, which is the part if the brain that translates emotional massages into physical responses actually affects hormone levels.

It releases cortisol, a stress hormone, which greatly affects our physical and mental changes of conception.

It links the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland. The Hypothalamus is very sensitive to stress. Using a variety of methods I can help you reduce these stress levels and positively influence your chances of conception.

Let me help you to discover how to effectively filter your external influences carefully and take control of your mental and emotional states in a positive way, to in turn put your body into the best state for pregnancy.

You can take control of your internal world so that you can stay calm, relaxed, resourceful and positive.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) defines infertility as failing to get pregnant after two years of regular unprotected sex.

It is estimated (by the HFEA ;The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) that one in seven couples in the UK have some fertility problems. That is about 3.5 million people. Infertility affects both men and woman equally.

Apart from pregnancy itself, infertility is the most common reason for women aged 20-45 to consult their GP.


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