Hypnopod - MP3 or CD


This is a bespoke service that we offer to existing clients and clients that cannot easliy access our private practices.

This is a personalised recording or series of recordings made especially for you by us.

HYPNOPOD is not to be confused with all those generic CD’s on sale, a one recording fits all approach, while be relaxing , very rarely achieves anything permanently, otherwise we would all, be Thin, Rich , Successful or whatever the CD offers. These recordings are just not specific enough, thats where HYPNOPOD succeeds where others fail.

Its totally flexible as you choose

  • The type of music you want (i.e. Waves, Jungle, Chillout, Eastern and many other choices)
  • The Therapist of you choice either Adrian Matthams Dhp with over 10 years and 10,000 session hours of experience including Harley Street London or Kimberley O’Neill Dhp our most senior and experienced Female Therapist
  • The style of therapy, which will be discussed during your free consultation by either, face to face, phone, Email, Instant Messaging or any social networking site of your preference.
  • The Issue and your own goals.

It can be delivered any where in the world within 24hours by mp3 email, Cd or downloaded onto your own HYPNOPOD IPOD

Our most popluar Programmes are:

  • Stop Smoking forever, with a lifetime guarantee
  • Our unique Weight Management Programme with 8 personalised sessions covering all your issues, this is not a diet and does not require willpower, just a desire to achieve your goals.
  • Addiction Programme, Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling or whatever your particular addiction might be.
  • Our Fear of Flying HYPNOPOD to take with you on your next flight
  • Overcoming Fears & Phobias
  • Exam Performance Programme

Whatever your, issue or goal we can design a Programme especially for you.


Telephone:- 01245 494446
Email:- hello@hypno.me.uk