What is hypnotherapy


There are many fears & misunderstandings about the use & state of hypnosis but it is an entirely natural state, daydreaming, driving, watching television, long telephone calls, reading can all induce a state of hypnosis, so most of us experience this state every day.

Hypnosis has been reconised and approved for use by the American Medical Board & The British Medical association

Hypnosis is induced by the use of the therapists voice,though you are unlikely to actually feel hypnotised. There is no such thing as a ‘hypnotised feeling’, though many people find their senses to be far more alert than usual.

By relaxing the conscious mind, the sub-conscious can then take on board ideas, suggestions & concepts for your benefit helping you to overcome the issues you have.

Hypnosis is a voluntary state, you are in control at all times & cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do, your therapist just guides you there & delivers the therapy work when you are most relaxed.

You will not lose control, you cannot get stuck, you will awake relaxed & refreshed, safe to drive if neccesary

Hypnotherapy is a very quick & effective therapy as it deals directly with the root cause of your problem the sub-conscious, many people know that their issue is irrational or know what their problem is or the cause of it but still they cannot make any progress, this is when hypnotherapy can be an extremely effective process

How many sessions, varies from each person but book a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to discuss it further allowing you to meet your practioner for them to take some background information & to tell you what methods they will use to help you overcome your issue & how many sessions are likely.


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