Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking


This breakthrough programme combines the latest discoveries in hypnosis together with the science of personnal achievement, known as NLP neuro linguistic programming, which then takes the already proven power of hypnosis to totally new levels, helping people take back control of their lives with amazing results.

We applied this programme to the UK practice’s and we found it was achieving such consistent success, that the majority of my new clients are referrals. In fact, the power of the programme is so great that Clarendon House Hypnotherapy Practice offer a completely free back-up service, which means that if you are one of the very few for whom this programme does not work first time, you will be reappointed without charge.

A huge study in america of over 50,000 people trying to stop smoking found that hypnosis to be up 3 times more successful than NRT (nicotine replacement therapy, gums patches etc.)
“hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the smoking habit.willpower, it turns out, counts for very little.” New Scientist vol 136 issue 1845 pg6

Ask yourself this question: “Can you really afford not to give up smoking?”

Just think about the money that gets wasted on smoking cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products, every week/month/year. Not £10’s not £100’s not even £1,000’s. Literally £10,000’s in your lifetime. In fact based on smoking 20-30 a day, over a normal smokers lifetime over £100,000. Think what that could buy you. This is on top of the huge health benefits, smokers smell, premature ageing and anti-social association that smokers have.

The programme is simple. You walk in a smoker and walk out a non-smoker. With hypnosis, nobody can be made to do want they do not want to do. It is simply a very powerful way of helping people do exactly what they set out to achieve.The Programme is personalised to you and will take 90 minutes.

So if you are a smoker and you are reading this, what have you got to lose by attending my Stop Smoking Programme.

Adrian Matthams, our principal therapist is the founder of the Stop Smoking Programme and has Clinics at our Harley St london, The City EC3, South-West London, and Chelmsford Practices.


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