Here is some background on myself and the course.
Professional practitioners course in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy 2000/01 with the EICH.
Hypnosis training with Jerry Valley @ NGH boston 2003.
NLP practitioners Diploma with Paul McKenna, Dr Richard Bandler 2004.
Diabetic Motivational coach with Devin Hastings 2005.
I have a full time practice in Chelmsford, since 2001 and have over 5000 session hours of experience.
I travel the UK and have lectured and worked on National TV and Radio.
I was granted license to teach the EICH Professional Practitioners course in 2005.
Now I teach my own more extensive course, not many different ones adding up to a great expense, but just one that covers everything.
150 hours of classroom and lectures, on a 1-1 basis or enquire about small group training and normally there is 2-3 times that study in homework, essays and reading and hypnotic practice with fellow or past students.

The Course syllabus covers:
The History of Hypnosis
How modern, Psychology, Psychotherapy Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming can help with various conditions and the roles they play in modern intervention. a background into each intervention.
What is Hypnosis and what it can and cant treat.
Inductions and deepners, the difference and construction of them
Clean Language
Personality typing and the different styles of approach for different clients.
Issues and clients not to work with
A Tool box for the therapist, covering, suggestion, visualisation, Swish method, Anchoring and many other effective techniques
Construction of effective suggestion intervention
Analysis and regression how the differ from Direct suggestion.
Initial causal events and dealing with abreaction.
Client confidentiality and client and therapist safety.
Latest regulations that may effect therapist including The Children’s Act
Supervision and its importance and CPD.
Effective Stop Smoking Programmes
Neurosis and Psychosis the differences
Transference the power and dangers
Marketing and business planning.

I also offer my students professional rooms to rent on an ad hoc basis to help start them off in my practices in Chelmsford and London and provide direct supervision through those vital first clients.


Telephone:- 01245 494446