Turn Back Bodyclock

Turn Back your Bodyclock


Start turning your bodyclock back today by following this simple lifestyle plan.

1. Stop Smoking
Adrian Matthams has devised a programme combining the latest advances in modern clinical hypnotherapy with NLP to achieve an outstanding success rate of over 84% with a lifetime guarantee.

2. Establish a healthy weight
We run a weight management programme, which is not a diet ‘they just dont work’ but a permenant lifestyle change. Hypnosis boosts motivation to allow new eating patterns and behaviours to take root for your benefit.

3. Drink more water
Do you know 75% of all hunger pangs or cravings between meals are just dehydration, drink more eat less. Drinking 2 litres of water each and every day burns up to 150 calories a day, 1000 calories a week over 50,000 calories a year just think all that just by drinking water, this is covered in our weight management programme.

4. Reduce Stress
Stress is the biggest modern day killer it effects you emotionally and physically, from lines on your face, IBS, Headaches, Heart Disease, Panic Attacks, Breakdowns, Loss of concentration, Blood Pressure, and a whole range of other issues, stop making excuses and take action now, invest some time and money in you seek professional help, call us for a free initial consultation.

5. Get Active
Is this you ‘ i dont have time to exercise’ or ‘ i am too tired to exercise’ Learn how to turn all that negativity into positivity so that you can get fitter and have more energy, Start today get off the bus , tube a stop earlier, park that car further way just do it.

6. Sleep
60% of the population has sleep issues which can then reduce your immune system, cause memory and concentration lapses. Remember your bedroom is a place to sleep in not a place to exercise or watch TV. Make it a calm and tidy place to relax in a drop of Lavender oil on your pillow and dont eat too late in the evening.

7. Become aware of habitual drinking and eating
Do you have a glass of wine or gin and tonic every night? why? just because thats what you have done for years, well thats just become a bad habit sometimes you will not even enjoy the drink its just what you do. Start now and do something different, break that bad habit.